Merging the Digital and Physical

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Physical and digital releases merge using NFT technology; through Vinyl, exclusive events, media, videos, artwork, interviews, merch can be represented in an NFT.


VLV Tokens enables the use of the VILVI metaverse, as well as providing a return for holders. Delegating to our Cardano stake pool is also a risk-free way to invest!


Our 3D marketplace enables fans to buy, and resell NFT, supporting artists at every step. Making payments to the NFT originators a seamless transaction.


NFTs are one of a kind creative assets in the blockchain digital space that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property, but which have no tangible form of their own often highly collectible art or music or both.

Using blockchain, NFTs made possible uniquely identifiable files on a public database. Before this, digital files have not been uniquely identifiable and therefore not collectible. By introducing scarcity, this opens up content as a vehicle for investment.

The rarity and collectability of the items have led to enormous demand as it has been known some NFT have sold for 7 figures when auctioned, with large visual artwork collections topping the current markets like Beeple and Bored Apes.

A limited edition Vinyl linked to the NFT drops by a QR code printed on the vinyl label, this links to a web shortcut taking you to specific NFT on the Virtual Vinyl marketplace. See an example of the QR printed on the label.

Each Virtual Vinyl will be available with a lead time of approximately 8-10 weeks after the first orders are placed, for hybrid releases of NFTs and Vinyl. This will also include other media, CDs, USBs and custom merch.

The minting of NFT only releases will be available on public beta launch.

The public marketplace will be open for public beta after a testing phase, with a resale platform integrated at a further stage.

VILVI Tokens have 4 dynamics of utility to maximise opportunities for artists and investors.

- Staking Per Release for Fans & Investors:
- Staking Per Release for Royalties
- Access to Release Presales
- Access to VILVI Metaverse

We have designed the token utility to enhance the kind of crowdfunding model we have seen work successfully for artists producing independent physical releases. Head over to the VLV token page for more information.

The public marketplace will be open for public beta after a testing phase, with a resale platform integrated at a further stage.


A super passionate group of experienced designers, musicians and programmers are behind Vilvi!

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